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What Makes Our Hosting Best

VNET India provides highly reliable Web Hosting Solutions at the most affordable cost. Here you will find all the relevant reasons That why you should choose us for all your web hosting and development needs.

Cost Benefits

11 years ago, when we started with VNET India, we knew the frustration and urgent need for a one-stop hosting solution. We know that customers need a web hosting service that can take care of all their hosting needs in one place, so that they don’t have waste time trying to find support in ten different places. This is where VNET India thrives by providing everything under one umbrella.

Carrier Neutral

It is said that if you want something done perfectly, do it yourself. We always take care of our customers which is why we have a dedicated 24/7/365 In-house customer support team. Support is the most important feature of a Web Hosting Provider so that the clients can get experts help when they need it.

High Uptime

Uptime is the duration that shows the availability of your website for accessibility across the globe. What if, the hosting server is down? Your website will be down and you would lose hard-earned credibility, and much more. Always choose a fast shared hosting server with good uptime performance. Enquire about server quality, maintenance schedule, data centers location, and more to be double sure about uptime.

Multi-Layered Security

Security is a major concern for many people especially when it comes to their data. The internet is full of hackers, malware, and viruses that can compromise the security of your stuff. There are limited efficient ways to protect your online identity and files. Tools such as VPN and Antivirus work well for people who want to protect their server from cyber attacks and other threats. But we provide these services and more to ensure the safety of your data.

Technical Advantage

Our blazing fast servers makes us one of the best web hosting companies. We use the industry’s leading brand’s hardware for efficient and secure storage. We always ensure that we are using the best technology to provide you with a reliable Hosting Solution that will not let you down at any point. With our real-time monitoring in place, we ensure stability of all our hosting servers so that your only focus is your web development.

Years of Experience

Our state-of-art-Data Center highly focuses on reliability & security, We provide best-in-class services and powerful servers tailored to fulfill your needs.Our Tier-3 Data center enables us to provide you with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. How? Because we have been providing web hosting solutions from more than 11 years by now and we've done exceptionally well with our client base. So why wait? Give us a chance, and see for yourself.

Still not Satisfied? We got More.

VNET has been a significant player in the hosting industry for more than 10 years. Hence, our tech team has developed a sharp tech acumen into your business needs and offers you a holistic solution tailored to your requirements.


Provides CDN services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services.

Superfast Server

20X faster page load speed with Litespeed technology and CDN minimum of 32GB of RAM for faster performance.

Competitive Prices

Best in the industry, unmatched quality and support and services. Open to negotiate on price and offers.

Multi Channel Support

>Available 24/7/365 to assist via Phone, Whatsapp, ticketing system, Live Chat, Email, and contact us page.

Data Protection

Process of safeguarding your important information on our servers.

Data Analysis

Scan data for any malicious code, viruses, bugs, trogen, ransomware etc.

Premium Licenses

You can integrate the licensed software into your product with our premium licenses

Multi-Lingual Support

Choose your language for support - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya.

Real-Time Monitoring

prevent cyber-attack, DDoS attacks, ransomware and unwanted access to your data.

Easy & Fast Setup

With easier and faster Servers, our team will help you how to set up your hosting account easily.

Data Encryption

Use SHA-256-bit encryption keys harder to decrypt for man-in-middle attacker.

Firewall Protection

CSF firewall, Physical and Network layer firewall makes impossible to penetrate.

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