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A reliable yet affordable plan

Basic VPS using the Kaspersky security, with the powerful defence of SSD storage and full management, all of it at a very moderate cost.

1 Core


10GB Storage

Unlimited Band Width

1 Dedicated IP


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1 Core


25GB Storage

Unlimited Band Width

1 Dedicated IP


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2 Core


25GB Storage

Unlimited Band Width

1 Dedicated IP


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2 Core


50GB Storage

Unlimited Band Width

1 Dedicated IP


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They choose us for a reason; check out the VPS features

You can never go wrong when you have chosen us. Our servers are packed with powerful hardware, all-powerful defence and blazing-fast storage.

Operating System

With VNET India, you have complete freedom of choosing an operating system from our Range of 30+ operating systems. On top of it, you can easily install or reinstall OS from a user-friendly control panel. You can choose from the latest versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux.


Mistakes are inevitable, and sometimes they could be malware or phishing attack. But we don't want the surprise to knock at your door after your data is lost; with our VPS plan, we offer a snapshot option that you can use to preserve your data.

Powerful hardware

Your website is encased in the most powerful hardware, SSD storage and intel next-generation architecture, which gives your system the reliability, efficiency and best performance with our VPS server.

Powerful defense

Powerful hardware, Kaspersky security, SSD storage, snapshot to back up your data create a cocoon of powerful protection around your server, which means no fear of malware and phishing attacks.


We know exactly what you need. When you talk about storage, SSD is the only name you will hear as it is manifold faster than traditional HDD, which gives blazing fast speed, power performance and the best efficiency. Our plans have SSD VPS.

Full management

Although we provide full root access, our team keep a close watch on the server maintenance and management, be it a problem with your new software configuration or a problem with the control panel. We provide smooth running of your servers with Basic hosting.

Support you get in basic VPS

Our plans are beefed up; why? Because we provide instant provisioning, 99.99% uptime, quick response, and yes, it is under budget.

Instant provisioning

As you place an order with us and give your domain and panel details, we allocate your resources, and your server is up and running within a few minutes. We provide hundreds of provisioning within 15 minutes with VPS hosting and other hosting plans.

Choose from different locations

Staying closer to the audience is possible with us. Our data centres are located at different corners of India and in different countries. Staying closer to your audience serves you many purposes, along with quick page load and minimized latency.

Free migration

With our plans, you get the free data migration with the first few GB of data for your first website with guaranteed zero data loss.

99.99% uptime

Actions speak louder than words, others merely say it, and you see it in your actions. With our powerful hardware, robust defense of Kaspersky, you get guaranteed 99.99% uptime with the best VPS hosting.

Rapid Response

We never give you a chance to complain. Our technical team is always present to give you a quick Response. Be it the wee hours of midnight, the morning rush hour, or meal times. Our team will give answers to all your queries whenever you call.

Under Budget

We don't want you to splash money! No, we don't. At VNET, we provide a customized solution, keeping in mind your Budget and business plan. Our cost-effective hosting plan is precisely under your budget.

Technology behind Basic VPS

Direct Admin/ Spanel
MariaDB/ MySQL
AMD EPYC 7281 16- Core processor
Sucuri CDN

Our popular operating systems

Integrating best of the class, below are the operating system we offer in our servers

Cents os
Linux oracle
Gentoo Linux

Most prominent control panels we offer

Create email accounts, upload files, install/uninstall operating systems, do anything you want with control panels


Get easy ADD-ONS with VNET servers

DDOS protection

Akamai CDN

Acronis cyber backup


Web application firewall

Wildcard SSL certificate

The databases we offer in virtual private server


Mongo DB

Maria DB



Microsoft SQL

24*7*365 Support

Whatsapp Solution
Any Desk/Remote Desktop
Account Management System
Direct Access To Persons Solution
Website Chat
Knowledge Base
Key Account Mananger

Often Asked questions

It is a starter plan where you get Full Root access, control panel and operating system of your choice, full management and instant provisioning within an hour; everything is under your budget.
We have used the KVM virtualization technique in this plan.
You can choose as many IPS as you can . we have provided one IP in the basic VPS plan.
We have used the LAMP stack in this plan.
Yes, that’s absolutely possible .you can do it through the control panel; the money you have paid will get adjusted accordingly.
In basic plans, we take care of network issues, hardware, installation, monitoring; for more details, you can talk to our support team or visit our support page.
Yes, you can buy IPS as ADD-ONS at an extra cost.
Yes, we provide managed vps, fully managed vps, semi-managed vps; you can find it on our home page under the VPS section.
LAMP is Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP; it is a group of software used together for the better functioning of web applications.