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Basic VPS–A starter Plan With Full Root Access And Dedicated Resources

Our VPS plan is the best option if you have just landed your business in the digital world. A newbie plan for startups, and your new niche blogs..

A Reliable And Affordable Plan
Basic VPS using the immunify 360 security, with the powerful defence of SSD storage and full management, all of it at a very moderate cost.

Best Web Hosting Plan In 2022 With VNET India

Since our inception in 2011, VNET India has been offering quality hosting services to businesses of all sizes. We have established ourselves as one of the most recognizable web hosting providers in India and abroad. Whether you talk about support, speed, performance, or reliability, we always fulfill clients expectations with a great margin.

They Choose Us For A Reason . Check Out The VPS Features

You can never go wrong when you have chosen us. Our servers are packed with powerful hardware, all-powerful defence and blazing-fast storage.

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Support You Get In Basic VPS

Our plans are beefed up. Why? Because we provide instant provisioning, 99.99% uptime, quick response, and yes, it is under budget.

Technology Behind Basic VPS

Having our VPS Hosting Plan allows you many benefits here are some.

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