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It is a beginner's Plan. It completely takes care of your business needs and budget and gives Improved performance to your web projects. You get root access, aid, and assistance according to your business, instant provisioning, and 99.99% uptime in these plans.

Single Website Hosting is a type of hosting where you can host a single website on the server which you have purchased. All resources, access point, managing website related files and databases etc will be having full control for a single website only. So in this, only one website can be hosted and managed.


Web hosting is one of the prerequisites to make your website accessible to all over the world on the internet. Hosting simply means storing the website content, audio, video, images, and other data. If the website is hosted with a reliable PPU server, it delivers a better user experience and safety. 

When you choose our reliable shared hosting service,  the server supports both ASP.NET and PHP programming languages. You get additional flexibility to choose My-sql or Ms-sql as a database choice for your business. 

In simple words, web hosting location where websites/applications remain for accessibility.


It is a bad notion that Search Engine Optimization is totally dependent on content. What if, despite having good content, the website loading speed is slow? In this case, Search Engines will not give a  good ranking for sure. For better ranking always prefer spam-free shared hosting service with fast servers. 


It is a type of server where both PHP and Asp.net languages are supported. It also supports both My-SQL and Ms- SQL databases. 

We provide a Plesk control panel with all reseller plans. 

Yes, you can host websites in the My- SQL database. 

Yes, our all reseller plans come with a free backup facility. 

Nope! You will get an absolutely free setup.

Well, you don’t need to be an expert. We provide you a fully managed server and take care of all the routine task so that you can focus on your business only. 

Yes. We understand that you will require more resources when your business expand. Thus we provide easy migration to higher plans. You can move to higher plan from your current plan anytime. 

We welcome you on board. Your service will start within 4-5 hours after making payment. 

All time support. Our technical team is online 24/7/365 to help you with any issue. 


It is a starter plan where you get Full Root access, control panel and operating system of your choice, full management and instant provisioning within an hour; everything is under your budget. 

We have used the KVM virtualization technique in this plan.

You can choose as many IPS as you can . we have provided one IP in the VPS plan.

We have used the LAMP stack in this plan.

Yes, that’s absolutely possible .you can do it through the control panel; the money you have paid will get adjusted accordingly.

In basic plans, we take care of network issues, hardware, installation, monitoring; for more details, you can talk to our support team or visit our support page.

Yes, you can buy IPS as ADD-ONS at an extra cost.