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Our dedicated server hosting plans give you space to grow in terms of component resources. We can assemble a customized server that meets your project requirement, including an open stack, load balancers and other ADD-ONS.

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Virtual machines with a healthy balance of memory and dedicated compute hyper-threads from best-in-class processors. Designed for the widest range of mainstream or production workloads, including web application hosting, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

4 GB RAM 2 vCPU 80 GB SSD Rs.1260 Rs.1.73 Deploy
8 GB RAM 4 vCPU 160 GB SSD Rs.2380 Rs.3.26 Deploy
16 GB RAM 6 vCPU 320 GB SSD Rs.4760 Rs.6.52 Deploy
32 GB RAM 8 vCPU 640 GB SSD Rs.9520 Rs.13.04 Deploy
48 GB RAM 12 vCPU 960 GB SSD Rs.14280 Rs.19.56 Deploy
64 GB RAM 16 vCPU 1280 GB SSD Rs.19040 Rs.26.08 Deploy
96 GB RAM 20 vCPU 1920 GB SSD Rs.29400 Rs.40.27 Deploy
128 GB RAM 24 vCPU 2560 GB SSD Rs.37800 Rs.51.78 Deploy
192 GB RAM 32 vCPU 3840 GB SSD Rs.57400 Rs.78.63 Deploy
4 GB RAM 2 vCPU 80 GB SSD Rs.0 Rs.0 Deploy

Virtual machines with a healthy balance of memory and dedicated compute hyper-threads from best-in-class processors. Designed for the widest range of mainstream or production workloads, including web application hosting, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

4 GB RAM 2 vCPU 80 GB SSD Rs.1260 Rs.1.73 Deploy
8 GB RAM 4 vCPU 160 GB SSD Rs.2380 Rs.3.26 Deploy
16 GB RAM 6 vCPU 320 GB SSD Rs.4760 Rs.6.52 Deploy
32 GB RAM 8 vCPU 640 GB SSD Rs.9520 Rs.13.04 Deploy
48 GB RAM 12 vCPU 960 GB SSD Rs.14280 Rs.19.56 Deploy

Virtual machines with a healthy balance of memory and dedicated compute hyper-threads from best-in-class processors. Designed for the widest range of mainstream or production workloads, including web application hosting, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

8 GB RAM 1 vCPU 30 GB SSD Rs.2660 Rs.3.64 Deploy
2 GB RAM 6 vCPU 40 GB SSD Rs.500 Rs.4.79 Deploy
24 GB RAM 2 vCPU 50 GB SSD Rs.3990 Rs.5.47 Deploy
32 GB RAM 4 vCPU 80 GB SSD Rs.6300 Rs.8.63 Deploy
48 GB RAM 4 vCPU 120 GB SSD Rs.7000 Rs.9.59 Deploy
64 GB RAM 6 vCPU 140 GB SSD Rs.10850 Rs.14.86 Deploy
96 GB RAM 6 vCPU 240 GB SSD Rs.12600 Rs.17.26 Deploy
128 GB RAM 8 vCPU 320 GB SSD Rs.25200 Rs.34.52 Deploy
256 GB RAM 8 vCPU 420 GB SSD Rs.37100 Rs.50.82 Deploy
384 GB RAM 12 vCPU 640 GB SSD Rs.61600 Rs.84.38 Deploy

Become the world power with VNET next-generation dedicated server web hosting

When you have splurged money for your big, giant enterprise and are still unhappy with performance and security with your current hosting provider, then VNET business Dedicated web server is the actual and realistic option for you. VNET believes in offering a server that gives you full root access, complete control of your domain, Your operating system.

VNET is among the topmost hosting industries that speak volumes through its services. You get guaranteed, customized, and highly optimized dedicated server hosting because we know fixed components resource is a big no, no! for you.

You would want peak performance for the increasing workload and burgeoning business. All our top dedicated server web hosts are furnished with next-generation components; we offer a wide variety of configuration options, an ideal combination of 64 GB RAM DDR4ECC, rammed with AMD EPYC7003 and 800 GB SSD storage hardware RAID 10.

The best part is that we manage and customize the dedicated server for you, and if you are already equipped with a skilled in house IT team, it becomes a cakewalk for your company. You run, control, and maintain your server as per your business requirement, and if your company is spread across the globe, your developers can access the server sitting in any part of the world.

A dedicated solution hub for your Big Enterprise!

There are scores of hosting solutions. The best among them is the VNET Dedicated server hosting solutions—a house for your mission-critical applications, backup servers, intensive and big databases. We welcome experienced developers, admins and influential designers; make the best-dedicated server web hosting your Gold mine!


  1. Top AMD EPYC, AMD RYZEN PRO and INTEL Xeon basic to high-end processors packed with 32 GB RAM DDR4ECC/ 64GB RAM DDR4ECC on top of 800 GB INTEL SSD storage hardware RAID 5/ RAID 10 and 800 GB INTEL SSD storage software RAID 1/ RAID 5.
  2. Our servers are geo-redundant; choose a data centre near you from 27 DATA centres across INDIA, UK, USA, CANADA, GERMANY.
  3. VNET provides spam-free servers with Total fortification of IDS/IPS technology, WAF and MOD security.
  4. Reach the top with Cloudflare CDN and stingray load balancer.
  5. Quickly recover your account with IPMI.

Dedicated Hosting features fully dedicated to your needs!

You want it? We have got you covered!

VNET's Operating Systems

VNET offers you an intuitive and user-friendly environment by providing you with its 30+ range of operating systems in our customized server solution. Choose from the latest version of operating systems we offer and rule your business world!

  •   CentOS 8
  •   Debian 10.10
  •   Fedora 23
  •   Windows
  •   Ubuntu 20.04
  •   Oracle Linux

Best VNET dedicated hosting solution- Elevator to your success!

Hardware 100% yours

At VNET, we promise you impeccable service; you can easily keep a tab on your servers, maintain it and Get root-level access to your dedicated hardware; on top of it, you can even scale and calibrate your top dedicated server that parallels your exact business needs.

Improved site performance

Your dedicated server hosting is built with next-generation components, anti-DDOs solutions, IDS/IPS technologies and resources allocated only for your use, ensuring zero downtime. With the pillar support of powerful hardware components and the resources available all the time, a speed dedicated server web hosting undoubtedly provides the enhanced performance.

Unlimited Traffic

Hey! don’t you worry about the bandwidth limit with us. Our Spamfree Dedicated Server web hosts hold the capacity to handle sudden peaks in traffic, and accounts heavily relied on video streaming—so no need to push limits or shift to another dedicated server. In addition to the bandwidth dedicated to your server, you can also choose an additional guaranteed bandwidth option that assures maximum throughput.

High Availability

We have data centres housed across the globe at 27 different locations. A combination of next-generation components with a topping of SSD -NVME, SSD -SATA, software and hardware RAID, AMD EPYC, AMD RYZEN PRO processors, in line with beefed up the security of IDS/IPS technology for cyberattacks, WAF and MOD security plus our geo-redundant servers make your system highly available with our highly available VNET dedicated web hosting.

VNET Expert support:

Do you know why VNET is different? Because our tech team is accessible to you all the time. Call us at the break of dawn or midnight; we are there to handle your queries. In our next-generation dedicated server web hosting, you get expert support where we keep tabs on your server and guide you through control panel, root access, choice of component resources.

Business Integration

We have been serving in the hosting industry for almost 11 years now. And our tech team understands the nitty-gritty of your business life cycle; we can escort you with which add ons to pick out or which resources to scale to give you a customized dedicated server web hosts solution.

Quick provisioning

The moment you buy our dedicated server plan. We perform the migration/ configuration process of your accounts. Your big data is housed in our new dedicated server within a few minutes, and we use OpenStack for all our speed dedicated web servers.

Dedicated Backup

In our servers, To make your storage invincible, we take pre-emptive action, saving you from time hassles and extra cost. All our dedicated servers have auxiliary backup storage up to 10 TB, which allows you to receive data from Backup. Security is extended to all our backup storage by default.

IPMI Access

With IPMI in place, easily access your server and make BIOS changes with no SSH login. The IPMI VNET dedicated server's key benefit is that we can quickly recover your account even if the server is switched off. We care!

Use cases of dedicated web servers – Get the best of VNET.

The usage of the high-speed VNET dedicated servers would help you go places and establish your business. Your growth is our dream!

High volume web servers

A sudden peak in high traffic demand up to dated infrastructure with server resources that gives smooth user experience, apart from that server software, data centre location, network capacity matters too. On account of that, customized servers are the ones that provide a high deliverability rate along with 99.9% uptime and proper backup solution at the hour of the need.

SaaS application

Dedicated servers plans are often the obvious choice for companies hosting B2B apps such as software as a service ( SaaS). It provides more CPU, least IO latency, and considerably more storage and scaling capacity of dedicated servers are decent for the needs of intense applications. So managing resources tasks such as disposing patches and working out big data on our server is a good-to-go option.

Big Databases

For accommodating the databases with high input and output technologies like oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB, no other server is best than India's top server, VNET; you can fit in relational or non-relational databases. In addition to its functionality, a dedicated server also offers better RAM, more CPU space, copious amount of storage and is capable of extending better access to data assets such as IOTs.

Back Up

With the increase in the volume of data and its dependency on data and information technology by companies. Reliability on backup by the companies is also finding its way to the data recovery plan. Data disruptions due to outages and Natural disasters are inevitable. In those instances, quick access and recovery of the data is essential to restart the work as quickly as possible; in that situations, a dedicated server web host is the best place to restore your data.

Video Streaming

These servers would help you set up your business in whichever sector you are working in. Whether video streaming or video conferencing, Dedicated servers can handle any file size resource requirement and is a perfect solution for your enterprise.

Missing on something? Integrate VNET dedicated server ADD-ONS and power your server!

Whether you are running an e-commerce or host one extensive database, we fully understand your zeal for growth; thus, we hand the magic wand to you! Include the cost-effective dedicated server add ons and do what does wonders for you.

Back up your server, save the treasure!

Unintended data deletion can cost you a big deal, and unexpected downtime can affect your business beyond your imagination.

Arcserve UDP ( unified data protection) is disaster recovery, file recovery and server backup for reliable dedicated servers powered by heterogeneous Technology that protects your server from any target, defends every byte of your data.

Disaster can knock at the door anytime, in the form of hardware failure, power outage or any other tech glitch. But we don't let our guard down, as we are aggressively prepared with Rubrik- 5.2 software. A saviour of your topmost dedicated server.

Security matters!

It hurts when malware raises its ugly head, but no worries! We assure your SSD dedicated servers are 100% secured.

Our vast network of security insulates your server from DDoS attacks. We cover your server house with cybersecurity using IDS/IPS Technology.

SSL certificates ensure that the network between you and your customer is totally encrypted, validates your accounts, and improves your ranking in Google.

With our hosting solution, WAF ( web application firewall ), get deep into the application layer to keep security threats at bay.

Performance at its peak!

With the VNET server ADD ON on the place, half the battle is won.

Minimize the distance between your visitors and a customized dedicated server to provide quick page load and optimized user experience to your visitors with Cloudflare CDN as performance ADD ON.

Stingray load balancers create highly available, handle high peak traffic levels, provide optimum response time, and balance load across all the data centres.

VNET Dedicated Server Control Panels

VNET server control panels, although a little intricate, but make them super user friendly for our clients. Manage and run your control panel your way! Choose the control panels and customize your server plans your style.

  •   InterWorx
  •   Froxlor
  •   CentOS Web Panel
  •   S Panel
  •   Cpanel
  •   Cloudways
  •   OviPanel

Frequently Asked Question

We understand you have inhibitions before choosing a server plan. Your crucial data, big business and future depend on the web hosting you choose! And we won't let you down; you have full rights to clear all your doubts!
A dedicated server is a server in which one account or client is the sole owner of the entire server. All the server resources like CPU, storage, RAM are dedicated only to your account with VNET servers; you get more power, unlimited traffic, extraordinary performance.
  1. SaaS application
  2. Video streaming
  3. Video conferencing
  4. Backup servers
  5. High volume web servers
  6. A great backup option
  7. Big database
  1. INTEL Xeon 1230v6
  3. RAID1/RAID 5 / RAID 10
  4. Cpanel/ plesk/ Spanel
  5. Maria DB/ Mongo DB/ PostgreSQL
No worries! VNET being in the hosting industry for more than a decade now; our tech team have tech acumen and fully understands your business requirements. Our part tech team is fully dedicated to guiding you through the hosting plans.
You can call us anytime at midnight or at wee hours. Our tech team is there to handle your problems at any hour, and we provide 24x7x365 support. You matter to us!
Yes, we try our best to provide 99.9 % uptime.
You have complete liberty to choose your own operating system from our 30+ range of the operating system. some of them are:
  1. Fedora 23
  2. Ubuntu 20.04
  3. Oracle Linux
  4. Windows
  5. CentOS 8

The benefits of dedicated servers are endless

In dedicated servers, you are the sole owner of the entire server, which means no nosy neighbours, which means no risk of malware and phishing attacks.

Again, your resources are not shared; hence you get better speed.

You get premium security on a dedicated server.

We suggest you choose a data centre near your business location as it would give you immense benefit. You would stay closer to your audience, give them a quick page load and optimized user experience with our servers.
If you choose a data centre near your location, you will get minimized latency, giving a good loading speed to site visitors.
We can provide more bandwidth than dedicated to your servers; as the traffic in your servers grows and you feel the need for more bandwidth; you can talk to our tech team; they would guide you through it.
With us, you get a virtual dedicated server, smart dedicated server, Linux dedicated server, AMD dedicated server, and some more. You can check our page for a dedicated server.
The moment you plan to buy our server and make a payment, we try to give quick provision which doesn't take more than an hour.
The control panels we use in dedicated servers are :
  1. InterWorx
  2. Froxlor
  3. CentOS Web Panel
  4. S Panel
  5. Cpanel
  6. Cloudways
  7. OviPanel

Customer Care

The server is fully dedicated to you, and we would remain the helping hands throughout your business journey. Let's grow together! With VNET dedicated servers.

Need more information on plans ? or want to order a dedicated server.

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